The original purchaser of this boat must register the boat with Contender Boats, Inc. to be eligible for warranty coverage as set forth in the Limited Warranty Statement, and receive notice of any recall, safety and/or improvement information on this boat.

The registration process is as follows:
1. Dealer must complete the warranty registration at delivery to original retail buyer.

2. Dealer must secure buyer’s contact information & signature.

3. Dealer must notify Contender that the boat has been purchased, and mail this Warranty Registration form to Contender. Form must be received by Contender within fifteen (15) days of delivery to buyer.

4. Boat buyer must ensure that the dealer has complied with this requirement.

By Signing this Warranty Registration form buyer acknowledges that he/she has read the Limited Warranty Statement and understands and approves the remedies, exclusions, and limitations set forth.

The buyer further acknowledges that he/she has been informed of all potential hazards which can occur while boating. The buyer acknowledges that this boat should not be operated if any of the following are true: a)rough water, b)he/she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, c) in severe weather, darkness, fog or low visibility. The buyer acknowledges that he/she should wear safety lanyard and life vest at all times and never run the boat at an unsafe speed.

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