• Contender 25T Boat
  • Length: 25′ 3″
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Draft: 18″
  • Weight: 4,200 lbs.
  • Fuel: 178 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 400 HP
  • Weight (Loaded): 6,250 lbs 

The smallest of the Contender tournament fleet. Performance, reliability, and simplicity. This entry level boat is ideal for first time buyers who want to outpace all other boats in this class.

  • Contender 28 Boat
  • Length: 28′ 0″
  • Beam: 8′ 10″
  • Draft: 20″
  • Weight: 4,700 lbs.
  • Fuel: 180 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 600 HP
  • Weight (Loaded) : 7,150 lbs

The big brother of the 25 Tournament, offers the same features with more space. Ideal for entry level families that want to outpace any other boat in its class.




  • Contender 30ST Boat
    Length: 29′ 8″
  • Beam: 9′ 6″
  • Draft: 23″
  • Weight: 5,450 lbs.
  • Fuel: 265 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 600 HP
  • Weight (Loaded): 9,250 lbs

More speed and range, with better economy - The 30ST is the the evolution of the the classic Contender style, with a stepped hull.  Fast, dry ride, with custom amenities for your boating adventures.



  • Contender 32ST Boat
  • Length: 32′ 7″
  • Beam: 9′ 8″
  • Draft: 20″
  • Weight: 5,850 lbs.
  • Fuel: 310 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 800 HP
  • Weight (Loaded): 11,650 lbs

This is the latest generation of the original 31 Contender, the boat that has landed more world records than any other boat, now offered in both the cutting edge stepped hull or traditional deep-V design. Proudly hand made and manufactured in the US.

  • Contender 35ST Boat
  • Length: 34′ 5″
  • Beam: 9′ 8″
  • Draft: 22″
  • Weight: 6,600 lbs.
  • Fuel: 400 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 1,200 HP
  • Weight (Loaded): 13,500 lbs

The Original 25 Contender hull dates back to 1984, and was followed by 31 and 33 tournament models that proved to be classics and game changers. The 35 is another landmark model, as the first to be offered in both the cutting edge stepped hull or traditional deep-V design.

  • Contender 39ST Boat
  • Length: 39′ 1″
  • Beam: 10′ 8″
  • Draft: 24″
  • Weight: 7,800 lbs.
  • Fuel: 500 gal.
  • Deadrise: 24.5 Deg
  • Max HP: 1,600 HP
  • Weight (Loaded): 15,400 lbs

As the flagship of the tournament fleet, only great things may be expected of this monster. Offered in both the cutting edge stepped hull or traditional deep-V design, it is well known among savvy boaters that this vessel outperforms competing manufacturers’ models in the 40 foot class.



25 BAY





Biscayne Bay is the perfect testing grounds for the perfect Bay Boat. The power to go offshore, with the flexibility of staying in the bay. Check out the 25′ Bay and other Bay Boat Options!


Tournament fishermen know that mother nature doesn’t plan for fishing tournaments. Those big wind days with big money on the line call for big boats that can handle tournament conditions.


If there’s one thing we’ve proven, it’s this: you don’t have to be around a long time to be considered a legend. Sport series Contender boats in a variety of sizes.

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