Reel Fly Charters

Ocean’s Edge Marina, Key West, FL

ByCatch Bounty – Fishing in Key West, FL

Capt. Greg Poland and Capt. Matt Bellinger join Capt. Chris is Key West, FL for a day of fishing tuna, permit, snapper, and more. Capt. Chris puts Matt and Greg on a shrimp boat for catching blackfin tuna on a fly rod, and they do some wreck fishing for permit in the gulf during the spring.  Join the crew as they head out in search of fish before the front.  Departing before dawn, and on the shrimp boats at sun up, these guys know that catching a break in the weather can mean the difference between stories about the one that got away, or trophy photos of fish on a fly.   Reel Fly Charter Capt. Chris has been fishing in Key West, FL over 20 years, learning from his legendary fishing father and Captain – Robert “RT” Trosset.  The Trosset family  is based at Ocean’s Edge Marina on Stock Island, and provides daily charters for guests looking for fishing adventures. The 35ST is for sale.



Not everyone wants to wake up long before the crack of dawn to be offshore fishing by first light.  Those that do, know that the first light bite, and proper preparation is the key to a successful day on the water.  The gear was packed, rigged, and ready.  The boat was ice, and the the front wasn’t for another day.  Being “in the game” means being prepared, ready, and waiting for when opportunity strikes.  


Unlike some mass production boat builders, we at Contender pride ourselves on keeping this experience personal. Your Contender is made for you, with you in mind. You will team up with the finest craftsmen in a hands-on boat building process. You choose whether to customize each component of the vessel‚ from the hull size and power option to the electronics package, livewell rigging, down to the type of seating and upholstery.




The Contender 35ST is built to fish.  The 35ST has multiple engine power options that complement the 24.5 wave busting dead rise.  The 35 is the favorite choice of Captains around the globe to get their customers to the fishing grounds on the days that the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. Built with 2 40 gallon transom livewells, the boat is equipped for live bait fishing and available with all the fishing amenities you can imagine.


The tower calls you early in the morning. You know the winds will be howling, but that means the fish will be biting. You’re rigged, loaded and ready to fish with a great crew. Stay in the game with fishability, reliability, and attention to detail on your side. You’re always in the game with a Contender.




When you go to sea in a Contender, you feel the difference.  The way the boat cuts through a wave with the bow, and the roar of the power at the stern.  When the weather changes, and the front is coming, speed, reliability, and attention to detail are that much more important.