If there’s one thing we’ve proven, it’s this: you don’t have to be around a long time to be considered a legend. In just 25 short years, Contender has redefined all that a sportfishing boat can be.

From our early beginnings, we’ve evolved from the original hull design of the classic 25′ to the sophisticated power and performance of today’s tournament proven winners. And unlike some mass production boat builders, we at Contender pride ourselves with a traditional hands on  boat building philosophy while using the most advanced modern materials and quality components available.

But just like the people we aim to please, the serious fisherman, we too are never satisfied. That is why we will continue to do all we can to refine and improve the concept of the ultimate sportfishing boat.


To own a Contender is to own the best sport fishing boat on the market. Period.

You know there is more to it than just luck. There’s fishing the right bait, the water temperature, the wind, the season and a host of other factors that stand between you and the scale at the dock. And then there’s the boat…
We’ll put it simply: the boat matters. To own a Contender is to own the best sport fishing boat on the market. Period.

Since 1984, Contender has been producing the highest quality, most well designed boats. Our growing popularity among true die-hard fisherman is a testament to Contender’s reputation and legendary performance. So whether you’re partial to the canyons, the Outer Banks or the Gulf, we wish you luck. Because that fish and mother nature aren’t going to make it easy. And that’s why you buy a Contender.

The “Original” 25′ Often imitated never duplicated!


Our exceptional attention to detail makes a Contender unique. Our boats undergo extensive quality assurance to make sure your boat meets the demanding needs of an unforgiving day at sea.


Post gelcoat installation of hand laid fiberglass, balsa coring and strake reinforcement.


Hand laid structural PVC cored fiberglass stringer installation.


Inner liner deck reinforcement using structural PVC core sandwich fiberglass construction.


Foamed and glassed in fuel tanks.


Inner liner gel coat application.


Hull, inner liner and cap assembly.


T-top and tower fabrication.


Yamaha outboards installation and rigging.


Final pre-delivery tank test of all features and operational check of accessories and final detail/quality control.


A fisherman makes his reputation one fish at a time. With every trip made and every bait rigged, he gets one step closer to landing the one that will cement his position in angling lore. Our reputation is built much the same way: one tough, reliable, fishing boat at a time.

To meet the growing demands for Contenders, a brand new state-of-the-art production facility began operation on March 1st, 1997. This new facility enables us to produce even more high performance hulls than before… while maintaining the quality you have come to expect. Each Contender is, and always will be, a one-of-a-kind creation just like the passionate souls who purchase them.


Decent boats don’t win tournaments. Decent boats aren’t bought by serious fishermen. But most importantly, decent boats don’t inspire the kind of loyalty that Contender owners display. A loyalty that comes from having 110% confidence in the design and construction of your vessel.


At Contender, we are singularly committed to producing the best fishing boat in the world. That’s why every Contender is crafted with hand laminated solid fiberglass using biaxial and triaxial cloths, structural PVC core sandwich construction for lightweight and superior strength as well as vinylester resins and specialty formulated gel coats for high gloss mirror-like finishes.

But even the best designed boat, with the highest quality of construction materials means absolutely nothing if the hull design is not proven. Every Contender is crafted using our proven deep-V 24.5 deadrise hull that incorporates our reverse radius chine for a dry ride in the roughest conditions. Not only does this create added lift on plane to run faster on less fuel, it also provides a rock steady fishing platform at rest.

A Contender is built by fishermen for fishermen. That means we know how fishermen think. That’s why our interior layouts are clean and unobstructed with one level deck allowing quick and easy movement from bow to stern. Below our oversized decks lie large storage compartments with flush mount gaskets. Polyurethane foam is injected into practically every available cavity acting as flotation as well as a sound deadening benefit. But we know that fishermen are very particular about their boats. As a semi-custom manufacturer, Contender, through your dealer, can make modifications to meet your personal fishing style.

Other noteworthy Contender features include raised transom live wells, integrated flush mount bow rails, anchor locks, walk-through transoms and self-bailing cockpits. And what good would the best fishing boat be without the best outboards to power it? Every Contender is outfitted with Yamaha outboards that are perfectly suited for the Contender model you choose.

There is an old saying that states if you’re good at what you do, your reputation precedes you. Well right now, somewhere on the Eastern seaboard, our reputation is busy plowing through 5 foot swells. Our reputation is getting someone to the fishing grounds first. Our reputation is making everyone with a passion for fishing, a Contender.

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